As a member of The Zoo, Google’s internal agency-like creative team, I worked with top brands and agencies to concept and create interactive programs across Google’s platforms. I was hired as a designer and developer focused on mobile, but quickly transitioned to broader creative concepting across all of Google’s sales ecosystem, including DoubleClick, GDN, YouTube and Google+.


Mobile Creative Strategist


Produced and presented solutions for top brands, including Nike, Coke, Oreo, Quaker, McDonald’s, and Universal.

Crafted mobile & cross-platform campaigns.

The goal:
Big ideas for big brands.

Our job was to take an existing client’s campaign and push it to the limits creatively, making sure to take advantage of everything Google’s platforms have to offer. Think custom YouTube channels, social contests and interactive mini-game ad units. While most of the specifics of my time there are shrouded in delicious secrecy, I can say I worked with some of the best known brands in the world.

What a wonderfilled project.

Oreo was coming out with a big new campaign, and wanted to extend it in as many creative ways as possible. The campaign was built around the idea of “Wonder if I gave an Oreo...”, which we felt lended itself perfectly to a social campaign. We proposed a global contest to crowdsource “Wonder if” suggestions from around the world. Oreo’s “Wonder Fulfillment Squad” would then choose the best “Wonder ifs” and make them into reality. We believed the participatory aspect of this campaign would be a great fit with Oreo’s desired audience, and the goodwill generated would help fuel the conversation on social media.

Oreo #WFWorld Custom YouTube Channel #WFWorld HomeCustom YouTube Channel
Oreo #WFWorld Custom YouTube Channel #WFWorld GalleryCustom YouTube Channel
Oreo #WFWorld Custom YouTube Channel #WFWorld MapCustom YouTube Channel
I took pride in my work, and put work into Pride.

I had the pleasure of working with my fellow Gayglers on a visual identity for our marchers in the 2013 NYC Pride Parade. Working with the awesome designers at my previous employer Kettle was the icing on the cake.

Google Pride