I’m Bryan.
Designer. Creative Director. Start-upper. Big talker.

Ok that’s enough of that. I’ve always found it hard to define myself in just a word or two. I like to do a lot of things! But I also see the value in getting a big idea across quickly.


In that spirit, I’ll give a quick shoutout to the awesome places I’ve worked in the past (at a slightly lower volume):

Renew. Oscar. Google. Kettle.

Woooo that felt pretty good. While we’re at it, let’s get a couple more big words out of the way. Then we’ll take a breather.

Los Angeles. Brooklyn. Broadway. Northwestern. Cattitude. Portmanteau. Non Sequitur.

So, now that that’s out of the way:
What do I actually do?


I make things beautiful


I do it boldly and quickly.
I understand and empathize.
I write, I code, I drink, I instagram!
(that’s what’s happening)

I work to live,
not the other
way around.

Which I believe makes both the work and the life better. That being said, I’ve done work that I’m really proud of, including projects for some of the best brands in the world.


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